Gifts for Knitters

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Knitters are special people, and if you are searching for the perfect present for someone who loves to knit, look no further. Here is a quick list of 15 cool presents for knitters that suits a variety of gift-giving styles and budgets.

    1. Knitting retreat or knitting cruise. If you really want to impress the knitter on your list, sign her up for a knitting cruise or a knitting retreat.  As of February 2012,there are knitting cruises leaving from Florida, and a quick internet search of knitting retreat yields over 3 million results including many knitting camps and retreats across North America, Australia and the UK! Retreats and knitting camps are a wonderful option for knitters to get away to a peaceful location, meet other knitters and take part in classes, workshops and discussions where they can learn new techniques.

  1. Knitting classes. Signing up for knitting class is a great way for a beginner to learn to knit, a novice to gain new skills under expert supervision and a wonderful way for experienced knitters to try their hand at a new method or style. Your neighbourhood yarn store is a super resource for local knitting classes, so start there when looking for a gift card or gift certificate for knitting classes.
  2. Knitting workshop. Knitters are often busy people with full family lives, career obligations and/or full volunteer schedules.  If it’s unlikely your knitter can commit the time to weekly knitting classes or escaping on a knitting retreat, consider a gift certificate for a half-day knitting workshop.  Many workshops will include lunch and a guest speaker.  Check with your local knitting supply store or knitting guild for upcoming workshops or sessions.
  3. Gift certificate to a local yarn shop. This is a wonderful way to support local area small businesses and allows the knitter to choose their own gift. Many experienced knitters have favourite yarns or wools, and prefer to choose their own patterns and other supplies. If you do want to purchase yarn or wool as a present for a knitter, proceed with caution and make sure to get a gift receipt so they can exchange it if needed!
  4. Knitting needles. Purchasing knitting needles is a complicated business for non-knitters.  If you do want to give knitting needles as a gift for a knitter,  choose a case with a variety of sizes of single-pointed needles for knitters with some experience, or select one pair of single pointed steel needles size 4.5 mm for beginners.  This size is commonly used in knitting scarves, hats and mittens and is easy for beginner knitters to handle.  Caution:  as knitting needles come in a variety of sizes and materials (bamboo knitting needles, plastic knitting needles, double-pointed needles in sets of four or five, circular needles….) it is easy for non-knitters to become overwhelmed by the choices.  As with purchasing yarn – be sure to keep the receipt!
  5. Personalized knitting labels.  These labels will say something like “Handknit with love by Avamum” and are a perfect way to encourage knitters to complete knitting projects then give them away….maybe to you?
  6. Stitch holders in various sizes. These strange looking devices are used when knitting items such as sweaters and some hats and mittens.
  7. Sewing scissors. Useful to cut yarn  – knitters don’t like having to chew off the end of the yarn….blech.
  8. Yarn needles. Available in plastic and metal, these large, dull-pointed needles are used to sew up knitting seams.
  9. Cable needle. Another strange looking device that is used to hold stitches when knitting a pattern that includes cables.
  10. Place markers. Careful! These are NOT markers that you colour with.  Place markers for knitting are round rubber things that slip onto knitting needles to mark the places where the knitter must make a pattern change. They often come in packages of two or four.
  11. Crochet needle.  Yes, I know we are talking about presents for knitters, but a good crochet hook (3 mm size works well) is very useful for weaving in loose ends of yarn.
  12. Short ruler or cloth measuring tape.  Another really useful knitting accessory and a must-have for all knitting bags.
  13. Pencil.  Yes – just a plain regular HB pencil.  At some point a knitter will run across a pattern that has to be adjusted – maybe a sleeve has to be an inch longer or a mitten thumb a little shorter.  They will want to modify the pattern and they won’t want to have to get up and start searching for a pencil!
  14. Knitting bag.  This is an excellent choice as a gift for a knitter, and you can fill it up with some of the knitting accessories listed above. Knitting bags come in a variety of styles.  Choose a travel knitting bag with a separate compartment for needles for those who like to knit on-the-go.  Knitting bags with wooden frames sit on the floor beside the knitter and keeps yarn organized and easy-to reach.